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Day 40 of 2010: Tuesday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 9, '10 | Phlog | Comments (2)

Bathed in morning Dew.

Blurred traffic.

Day 39 of 2010: Monday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 8, '10 | Phlog | Comments (26)

Heavy rains will soon hit Bandung.

Not for long, rain came down, hard. Time for a shelter.

In such weather like this, a helping hand is a gift to be grateful.

Day 38 of 2010: Sunday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 7, '10 | Phlog | Comments (5)

Sunday is the perfect day for horse riding.

Today’s profit.

Rushed to buy … watercresses.

Day 37 of 2010: Saturday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 6, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

Hawkers, preparing his wares while enjoying the beautiful morning in a small park near Pasteur street.

Saturday rain wedding, fortunately unfortunate or unfortunately fortunate ?

“Hurry, before the rain came down again…”

Day 36 of 2010: Friday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 5, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

“I’m sure you would not believe it, but I’ll go dinner with him tonight! Jealous?”

Enjoying the morning.

Flat tire.

Day 35 of 2010: Thursday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 4, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

Met Hanafi Salman on the street. An old college friend, Bandung’s culture enthusiast, the designer and co-founder of Mahanagari, a company that produces a variety of memorabilia items of Bandung.

Until death do us apart.

Faithful wait.

Day 34 of 2010: Wednesday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 3, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

“Keep smile, guys… we are on camera!”

Five wheels, certainly safer, will not easily fall.