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Day 48 of 2010: Wednesday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 17, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

“Which one should I give the water first … the plant or you?”  

“I’m sure need a vacation too…”

Day 47 of 2010: Tuesday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 16, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

He got a SMG on his waist! (I believe this is a Scorpion SA Vz61)

Too late to catch the train.

“Swarha”, an abandoned building left in Bandung’s downtown.

Day 46 of 2010: Monday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 15, '10 | Phlog | Comments (4)

Earth, as seen from orbit…

(…not! actually this is an upside down photo from clotheslines… )

The water sellers.
In some places, especially in Eastern and Southern parts of Bandung, clean water for cooking and drinking a bit difficult to obtain. Shallow groundwater in the area already polluted by factory waste or contain too much iron, while water from a water company was not up to the houses in this area. To provide additional water, rich people can build a deep artesian well, while who is not able to make these wells have to buy water in jerry cans like this every day.

Day 45 of 2010: Sunday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 14, '10 | Phlog | Comments (2)

Morning haze on the rice field.

Small house in the rice field, district of Bandung.

Day 44 of 2010: Saturday

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Sunrise seen from Cibiru area, district of Bandung.

Transporting the chicken.

Day 43 of 2010: Friday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 12, '10 | Phlog | Comments (1)

Today is Friday, time for “Jumsih” or “Jumat Bersih” (Friday’s Clean).
It has become a habit lately, every Friday morning, government officials or people from  mass organizations doing social work cleaning up the environment, as seen here at the Cikakak river.

The old man, along with others in Cikakak during “Jumsih”.
More on him: I was hesitant to take his picture. But after taking some shot from behind, the old man saw me photographing him. I nodded to ask permission to photograph him and he smiled as he took the broom he was carrying and began to pose.

in doubt.

“Who’s up first across … win! “

Day 41 of 2010: Wednesday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 10, '10 | Phlog | Add Comments (0)

“Yaay.. a big-free lunch!”

“I guess we should go to the right…”

“Don’t know, but the left one seems right for me…”

“My sweatpants ripped at yesterday’s practice, and Mom said I could use my big brother’s pants, but first it need to be cut at the tailor to fit into my size.”