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Day 43 of 2010: Friday

Posted by Ivan WS | Feb 12, '10 | Phlog | Comments (1)

Today is Friday, time for “Jumsih” or “Jumat Bersih” (Friday’s Clean).
It has become a habit lately, every Friday morning, government officials or people fromĀ  mass organizations doing social work cleaning up the environment, as seen here at the Cikakak river.

The old man, along with others in Cikakak during “Jumsih”.
More on him: I was hesitant to take his picture. But after taking some shot from behind, the old man saw me photographing him. I nodded to ask permission to photograph him and he smiled as he took the broom he was carrying and began to pose.

in doubt.

“Who’s up first across … win! “


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  1. Nocturama says:

    Very good shots!

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